Livable City Year

King County 2019–2020

2019–2020 Projects – King County

Anti-Displacement Strategies for Urban Unincorporated King County

Departments: Local Services; Community and Human Services
City Project Leads: Kevin LeClair and Sunaree Marshall
Faculty: Lynne Manzo
UW Department: Landscape Architecture
Course: L ARCH 503B, Advanced Research Studio
Quarter: Spring 2020

King County is considering a range of policies and programs to stem displacement and promote
equitable development. UW Livable City Year will focus on these approaches — or a subset of
these approaches — and may also include additional concepts if they may be applicable and
effective in the communities of Skyway-West Hill, and North Highline, or other unincorporated areas of King County that are experiencing a high risk of residential displacement.

  • Inclusionary zoning
  • Manufactured housing community preservation
  • Residential community benefit agreements
  • Relocation assistance
  • Community preference and right-to-return policies
  • Redevelopment assistance
  • No net loss of affordable housing units policies
  • Affordable homeownership strategies, such as:
    • Rent-to-own
    • Community land trusts
    • Down payment assistance
  • Opportunity Zones

The research, analysis, and recommendations made through this Livable City Year project will
reflect the values and strategies of the County’s equity and social justice strategic plan.

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