Livable City Year

Project support

The following resources and links are provided to support each phase of the LCY project.

Program contact
Community partner information
Preparing your course
During the project
Mid-term and final presentations
Final report
Requests for reimbursement
Other resources

LCY program contact

Teri Thomson Randall, Program Manager
Gould Hall 410A; Box 355740

Community partner information

Bellevue General Information: This folder contains a plethora of city reports, planning docs, and budgets – great background material for your LCY project!

Preparing your course

You may include this short LCY Program Description in your syllabus (link goes to a Word document).

Sample Scopes of Work

Drone Policy Development

Public and Private Small Business Incubator for Startup 425

Neighborhood Profiles

Community Engagement Strategy for Residents of Multi-Family Housing

During the project

Photo release forms


UCAR reservations

To make a UCAR reservation for project transportation, faculty or student(s) should email with the following information :

  • Date and times (pick up and return) for the vehicle
  • Number of passengers (including driver)
  • Destination
  • Name of driver
  • Confirmation that driver has passed the UW Driver Safety and Awareness training

Note: the largest UCAR (a van) seats seven passengers (including driver). If the number of participants exceeds seven, multiple vehicles can be reserved.

LCY does not reimburse expenses incurred during use of personal vehicles.

Mid-term and final presentations

Templates and images for use if desired:

Refreshments during your presentations to the client or community are optional. If you wish to serve refreshments and be reimbursed, the UW requires the following paperwork:

(Submit the above to the LCY office, Box 355740.)

Final report and poster

Recruiting a student writer

LCY Student Writer Job Description

Resources for student writers

Our Report Guidelines cover professional expectations, timeline, report structure, graphic elements, the writing and editing process, Chicago style, and logistics.

Our Graphics Requirements describe submitting graphic elements for the report; creating high resolution tables, charts, graphs, maps and other visual elements; image quality; and finding high-quality stock photos that are licensed for reuse.

Our Orientation PowerPoint highlights the key takeaways in the above two documents.

Report samples

Equity in the Urban Forest: This report is typical in length and quantity of graphics.

Preventable Causes of Structure Fire: Short and concise. A gem!

Four Gulches: Restoring Human and Ecological Connections to Tacoma’s Ruston Way and Waterfront: This report is graphics-rich, as called for by the subject matter.

A Roadmap to Civic Engagement: This report is at the upper end in complexity and length.

Poster samples

Understanding the Needs of Precarious Workers in Tacoma
Infill Housing Program Development
Planning Video Library
Working Towards Equity and Inclusion Through Historic District Development

Requests for reimbursement

Submit the following to the LCY office (Box 355740):

  • Original receipts
  • Date of event or activity
  • Your mailing address

LCY program staff will fill out the departmental Request for Reimbursement form on your behalf.

Other resources

Some projects may require resources such as transcription or translation services, etc. For online tools and other resources faculty have found useful, email Program Manager Teri Thomson Randall,

Please also let us know if you know of a tool or resource you think would be useful to other LCY courses.